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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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Make Your Contribution to a Greener Earth - Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Now

  • Have you ever wondered how your life has affected the environment that you live in?
  • Have you heard the term 'Carbon Footprint' and been unable to understand the concept in its totality?
  • Are you conscious of the fact that your lifestyle could have led to the depletion of resources that are vital to life on this planet?
Well then here is the answer to all your queries. This book aims to educate readers on the various aspects of Carbon Footprint and help find easy and implementable measures to reduce the impact as far as possible.

The objective of this book is to help simplify the scientific jargon and make it easy to understand for everyone so that all readers are able to realize and relate to this problem that is staring in the face of mankind.

Here is a preview of what you will learn in the book:

  • The concept of Carbon Footprint
  • Means to measure your carbon footprint
  • The significance of Carbon Footprint as an individual as well as a Human being.
  • Understanding what the invisible increments to Carbon Footprint are.
  • The exact short term measures that you can adopt to reduce the footprint.
  • The long term measures that we all must initiate and implement in order to deal with the problem on a global scale.
  • The strange yet real facts about Carbon Footprint that you wouldn't have heard before.
With this book you will be armed to tackle the problem right from your homes and be able to educate your kids to take steps that will their footprints low. The simple yet proven strategies discussed in the book are aimed at creating awareness on the basics of the problem and help you take small incremental steps in the right direction, right now.It is our duty towards our kids to keep the earth green for them as we inherited it. That is why understanding identifying carbon footprint assumes such vital significance in today's world. Unless you can pin point the specific small things in your everyday lives that add up to the footprint you will not be able to reduce it substantially. This is why the book is so handy for the common man who wants to see a better world for the future generations.

Why this book is special

  • Easy language and simplified terms for better understanding.
  • Examples from everyday affairs to help you identify the culprits.
  • Simple and easily implementable steps for you to get started in reducing your Carbon Footprint.
  • Macro level view for a more comprehensive understanding of the global nature of the problem.
  • Great learning value for parents as well as kids.
    So what are you waiting for? Take action now and do your bit to save our planet for our kids. Start your journey by laying hands on this invaluable source of information.

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Email Spam Filtering

RRP $289.99

Email Spam Filtering: A Systematic Review surveys current and proposed spam filtering techniques with particular emphasis on how well they work. The primary focus is on spam filtering in email, while similarities and differences with spam filtering in other communication and storage media - such as instant messaging and the Web - are addressed peripherally. Email Spam Filtering: A Systematic Review examines the definition of spam, the user's information requirements and the role of the spam filter as one component of a large and complex information universe. Well known methods are detailed sufficiently to make the exposition self-contained; however, the focus is on considerations unique to spam. Comparisons, wherever possible, use common evaluation measures and control for differences in experimental setup. Such comparisons are not easy, as benchmarks, measures and methods for evaluating spam filters are still evolving. The author surveys these efforts, their results and their limitations.In spite of recent advances in evaluation methodology, many uncertainties (including widely held but unsubstantiated beliefs) remain as to the effectiveness of spam filtering techniques and as to the validity of spam filter evaluation methods. Email Spam Filtering: A Systematic Review outlines several uncertainties and proposes experimental methods to address them. Email Spam Filtering: A Systematic Review is a highly recommended read for anyone conducting research in the area or charged with controlling spam in a corporate environment.


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