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Towards A Software Factory

RRP $483.99

The management and control of software projects is now seen as a critical factor in the successful development of efficient and cost-effective software products. The unprecedented demand for software has been met with a dramatically increasing number of products of varying size and complexity being made available. Thus the ability to effectively manage and control the software engineering lifecycle will ensure a competitve advantage in a highly competitive industry.
This book offers a systematic analysis of the critical factors involved in software engineering control and the means to achieve greater control of software projects. The central argument advocates an expansion of the current practice to include the control of development, maintenance, and re-use of software. The book not only describes what factors should be changed in the control of software engineering, it also provides guidelines for the enhancement of control factors.
A number of detailed `real-life' case studies of software engineering departments are included to illustrate the processes and principles involved.
This book will be of interest to managers, project leaders, analysts, and programmers involved with medium to large scale software engineering projects. Additionally, higher management and consultant-level software engineers will be able to keep up-to-date on the latest research on controlling software projects.

Domain Modeling-based Software Engineering

RRP $931.99

Many approaches have been proposed to enhance software productivity and reliability. These approaches typically fall into three categories: the engineering approach, the formal approach, and the knowledge-based approach. The optimal gain in software productivity cannot be obtained if one relies on only one of these approaches. Thus, the integration of different approaches has also become a major area of research.
No approach can be said to be perfect if it fails to satisfy the following two criteria. Firstly, a good approach should support the full life cycle of software development. Secondly, a good approach should support the development of large-scale software for real use in many application domains. Such an approach can be referred to as a five-in-one approach.
The authors of this book have, for the past eight years, conducted research in knowledge-based software engineering, of which the final goal is to develop a paradigm for software engineering which not only integrates the three approaches mentioned above, but also fulfils the two criteria on which the five-in-one approach is based. Domain Modeling- Based Software Engineering: A Formal Approach explores the results of this research.
Domain Modeling-Based Software Engineering: A Formal Approach will be useful to researchers of knowledge-based software engineering, students and instructors of computer science, and software engineers who are working on large-scale projects of software development and want to use knowledge-based development methods in their work.

Pharmacy Management Software For Pharmacy Technicians 2e

RRP $135.00

Gain a head start on your career as a pharmacy technician with Pharmacy Management Software for Pharmacy Technicians, 2nd Edition. This innovative software/worktext package incorporates the full version of real pharmacy management software to give you hands-on training performing the day-to-day tasks of a pharmacy technician just as you will on the job. Easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions guide you through entering patient data, prescription/medication orders, and insurance information, reviewing inventory, and more, enabling you to acquire the skills and experience for professional success before you leave the classroom!

  • UNIQUE! Full version of DAA Enterprises' Visual Superscript pharmacy management software reflects the software programs you'll encounter in the workforce and enables you to work through realistic practice scenarios.
  • UNIQUE! Fully functional patient record database corresponds to worktext exercises to provide realistic practice:
    • Adding new patients

  • Determining possible adverse reactions
  • Filling and refilling prescriptions
  • Examining a patientOs prescription history
  • Identifying potential allergic reactions to drug ingredients
  • And more
  • Worktext activities and case studies walk you through essential pharmacy tasks just as you'll perform them on the job.
  • Detailed screenshots guide you through the pharmacy management software.
  • Study tools on the companion Evolve website provide technical support, laboratory tips, and additional practice.

  • UNIQUE! Enhanced institutional pharmacy coverage provides additional practice in:
    • Extemporaneous compounding

  • Total parenteral nutrition
  • IV label preparation
  • UNIQUE! Lab tips help you perform tasks more efficiently.
  • Convenient new design incorporates full-color software screenshots, perforated pages, and a spiral binding to help you easily find and apply information.


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