Solicitors Gold Coast- Questions to ask a solicitor April 30, 2020

Solicitors Gold Coast- Questions to ask a solicitor

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If you are about to visit a solicitor in Gold Coast for the first time, you may be a bit overwhelmed. After all you are about to meet someone who would be privy to all the details of your case. You would be looking for someone who is experienced in the legal matters pertaining to your case. There would also be a whole lot of questions in your mind. While you may be wondering how that first meeting with your solicitor would go, the following advice can help make sure it’s a smooth sailing process.

Ask them about all the information which they would require

In order to understand how things would work and whether the case can be in your favor or not, the lawyer would need all the information from you. It could be in the form of documents or any other information that you possess. All these bits of information would help them understand the nuances of the case. This is actually the foundation on which the case would be built. While they may need to overlook all the information in detail, they can still take a look at it and offer you the right legal advice.

Ask them for a breakdown of the cost

There are certain solicitors who might be able to tell you a fixed fee. There are others who may charge you by the hour. It all depends upon the law firm and the lawyer who you would be hiring. Get all the detailed information of how things would turn out. Some lawyers charge half the amount at the beginning and the rest after the case is closed.

How they plan on communicating with you?

While it’s normal to feel that your solicitor should update you every other day, but this is not usually the way things happen. There are different ways a solicitor would communicate with you. Some of them keep giving you updates via email while others go a step ahead and make a phone call. Then there are someone who would want their clients present at every hearing.

Would you be required to hire a barrister?

There are certain times when your solicitor might suggest that you hire a barrister to handle all the legal work. While a solicitor can give you good legal advice, it is the barrister ho normally specializes in certain cases and would be able to give an expert opinion.

Get to know about the weakness of your case

This is something which is more of a reality check and something which every client should be aware of. The right lawyer would point out the strength and the weakness of the case and then make an assumption of how things would progress. Try to listen and follow the advice offered by your solicitor.

What time frame should I consider?

While giving a specific time frame is next to impossible, your lawyer would still be able to help you understand how long a case might progress. Having some idea regarding the time frame can be a bit reassuring.

Make sure you ask all of the above questions when talking to solicitors in Gold Coast.

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