A Complete Guide to Finding the Best SEO Company August 14, 2020

A Complete Guide to Finding the Best SEO Company

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Finding the right SEO company can be challenging. However, you must have a website if you have a business or a product to offer. Choosing an SEO company is a business decision to make, and if you find the right one, your website will catapult the first page in search engines, which will increase the traffic. Increased traffic means increased leads and conversion rates for your business.

Search engine optimisation can be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be with the right experts. Remember, if your website is on top of the search engines, it means you will get a lot of profitable traffic because you don’t have to pay for it. And if you get the wrong SEO company, the results will be regrettable and will do more harm than good.

Questions to ask an SEO agency before hiring

Many brands and companies opt to dedicate the SEO thing to external agencies, obviously for a good reason. It can be costly in the short-term scope but profitable as a long term investment. However, SEO companies claim to provide top-notch SEO services when the actual results on the ground are mediocre. Search engines are mean with their algorithms for a good reason. If we knew all about it, quality could be compromised. The margin of exploitation can be interpreted differently by different players, which makes it difficult to differentiate between good and bad SEO strategies. Here are a few questions to ask the SEO agency to make sure you partner with the right experts.

How long will it take my website to rank on top of SERP?

Use this question as a trap. Filter out mediocre SEO companies with this question. It takes up to 4 months before your rank at the top. If they respond with two weeks, one month or two months, that is unrealistic. Although there is some adjustment that can realise ranking, it’s only if the site already has a domain authority. Ranking on top of search engines is a process and not a trick, especially in high competition niches.

What strategy for backlinks will you employ on my site?

Backlinks form the basis of search engine algorithms. If you do not have the right backlinks to your website, it means you are not proactive in the competition, and it will be challenging to rank. Ask the SEO company for a backlink profile to ensure your backlinks are legitimate because search engines have a way of punishing scrupulous backlinks.

Do you have on-site optimisation?

The user experience is an excellent factor for search engines to rank websites. How long do customers remain on your website? What is the bounce rate on my website? When searching for an SEO company, make sure to hire one that looks for ways and means to improve the site progressively. Your SEO project should be progressive and purposeful until the desired results are achieved.

What is your Local SEO strategy?

If your business is an authority in your local market, ask the SEO company what strategies they have to make sure your business is found in the local directories.

How will the SEO company track the progress?

Before you hire an NZ SEO company, ask them how they will be tracking progress and how often are they willing to generate progress reports.

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